“I was impressed with how easily my eldest son transitioned from Giggles to primary school. The Giggles teachers were committed to ensuring each child was fully prepared for school. Their graduation ceremony was an emotional moment for all. There was so much joy seeing the friendships that had developed since they were babies. Fortunately my youngest son is still at Giggles, so we can continue to enjoy the friendships, support & warmth we feel every time we go to Giggles. The kids creativity, learning, self confidence is continually encouraged. There are interesting incursions & exercise classes that the kids love too. I am so thankful that we were offered a spot at Giggles, because this centre goes above & beyond.”

– Parent, Yvette

“At Ramsgate Public School Grandparents’ Day in March, the smiles and delight of Dexter’s teacher were obvious when she was saying that he was ready for school, keen to learn, well behaved, and plays with many children. I observed he was listening carefully when Mrs. V was giving instructions, including three step instructions and patient while waiting for her attention (not tugging at her clothes or butting in). A lot of credit goes to Giggles for preparing Dexter so well for school. I’ve felt most welcome to Giggles, when invited to special occasions – always so well organised and entertaining. The same warmth was present when I’ve visited a couple of times while I was close by. Thank you and best wishes to you and all the staff as you work and enjoy your time with the young children.

– Grandmother, Ai-Ling