Developing a Healthy Bedtime Routine

Parents face a lot of hurdles when raising their dear little ones. Scenarios such as when the kids don’t want to eat vegetables, won’t put down the remote control, and forgetting to wash their hands before eating are just some of the little challenges that mums and dads encounter as they shape their child’s behaviour. […]

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Children and Their Safety

Keeping your children healthy is one thing that concerns every parent. This can be done by practising good health habits such as promoting a balanced diet, getting enough sleep and exercise, and by having a regular medical check-up. But putting the child out of harm’s way is another thing. Harm is in the form of unexpected […]

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Tips for Choosing a Preschool or Childcare

Category: Issues and Advice

Parents face the dilemma of making a choice of which preschool or childcare centre to send their children to when they become toddlers. The matter of choosing the school which meets the needs of the child has to be done with great care, as attending a preschool is the first instance where the child has to […]

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