Choosing Weather-Appropriate Clothes for Our Kids

When it comes to the choice of clothes for toddlers and preschoolers, the comfort and safety of the child is the top priority for parents. As toddlers grow, their preferences on clothes begin to be expressed so other factors such as colour, design, and texture can also be considered. When buying clothes for the kids, the matter of style should also be put into consideration as it reveals the personality and moods of the child wearing the outfit. When a preschooler refuses to wear some kind of garments and insists to wear some of his favourite ones, the parents should allow them to do so, as long as it is suitable to the weather. Oftentimes, giving them a say in choosing the clothes that they wear encourages decision-making among the kids.

Considering the above points may help the parents in choosing weather-appropriate clothes for their toddlers and preschoolers. Comfortable clothes are also useful for optimal early learning experiences as it reduces the distraction in the child’s everyday life. The kinds of clothes and accessories that a preschooler wears, just like the adults, often change with the change in weather. A sunny day brings a fine hot day, a clear sky and a calm air. Cloudy weather hides the sun, clouds are overcast and the air is cool. Windy weather has moving wind, which makes the leaves and branches of trees sway. Rainy weather is covered with dark clouds and rain pours during the day. Stormy weather brings heavy rains, strong winds and floods. Each of the above weather conditions requires the right clothing for the kids. A childcare in Bexley such as Giggles Early Learning holds fun educational activities both indoors and outdoors for children to feel comfortable in their clothing no-matter what the weather is like.

What children should wear in Sunny weather

The days are bright and warm, so clothes that are thin and light-coloured are suggested. Cotton is preferable since it is cool, durable, comfortable to wear, and very absorbent. Dresses, blouses, polo shirts and shorts made of cotton are the best, especially if going outdoors on a sunny day or for the kids attending a preschool in Bexley. Light clothes should be worn indoors as it can be also warm inside the house to fight the heat. Clothes made of linen are also comfortable to wear during the hot days. Most people wear sandals or slippers which make a great type of footwear in the heat.

Appropriate clothing for the outdoor activities consist of jogging pants, tees and shorts. These must be light and made of cotton too to allow more movement. Since cotton is absorbent, it soaks up sweat easily, so shirts should be washed every day. Sun hats, sunglasses and umbrellas should also come in handy. Of course, don’t forget to apply some sunscreen for kids all over your child’s body when swimming or when they engage in other outdoor activities under the sun. Check for signs that they are too hot such as breathing rapidly or if their skin is warm and reddening.

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What children should wear in Cloudy and Windy weather

Let the kids wear light clothing as this kind of weather is ideal for them to play outdoors, this may include wearing a comfortable dress, shirts, or shorts as they enjoy some outdoor games with friends. Light jackets and scarves can also be useful, especially if your child already goes to school or to a kindergarten in Bexley. In the evening, sleepwear such as pajamas, nightclothes or long shirts should be made of light materials, loose-fitting and are comfy to allow the skin to breathe during the night, allowing them to have a peaceful slumber. The house clothes should have simple cuts and no complicated style; not too tight or body-hugging so that there is always comfort in wearing them. When at school, your children should bring or wear a jacket or a sweater because of the cool air brought by the windy weather.

What children should wear in Rainy and Stormy weather

Kids need thick garments to keep them warm or on top of their clothes in this weather condition. It is also important that they wear a sweater or a jacket. Fleece jackets and clothes made of solid but comfortable material are recommended. If the rains continue to pour and the area gets flooded, there is a need for the child to wear boots so that wading through the dirty water will be avoided. An umbrella, cap, and a hooded raincoat can also be provided.

What children should wear in the Winter

Weather comes not only in the form of wind and rain but also snow. When strong winds and snow combine, a blizzard results. When this happens, it is wise for everyone to stay inside a safe structure or building, quality clothing will be needed for kids. Sweaters, thick clothing, and jackets should be provided. There is also a need for thick socks and mittens in places where snow is falling. Dressing in layers will keep the kids warm. Clothes made of polyester is good for the base layer and should cover the child’s whole body. Clothing made of fleece or wool for the middle layer; and jackets or coats made of nylon for the outer layer. A simple snowsuit will also keep them safe when they play outdoors. Remember not to do too much layering and ensure that they are still able to move and breathe properly.

It is best to keep all types of weather-appropriate clothes for our kids at home. Thorough preparation is the key. By doing so, we also show and teach them the essence of being prepared, adaptability, and keeping themselves safe all the time. Indeed, mums and dads are in the best position to dress their kids properly and to select the kind of clothes that will make their little ones comfortable, so they will feel safe, relaxed and happy despite certain weather conditions.

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