Outdoor Activities in Bexley

Engaging in outdoor activities is important for everyone. Too much use of technology and media is present in this generation, and that’s why kids are encouraged to participate in outdoor activities as a part of their childhood exploration or early learning. Spending time outdoors can provide learning and physical benefits which indoor activities and the use of gadgets and gizmos cannot provide. Areas such as playgrounds and huge playspaces give children the opportunity to get the physical exercise that their body needs. Nature reserves, gardens and zoos foster discovery and these are just some of the places where they gain first-hand encounters with the natural world around them. The fresh air, greenery and inspiring surroundings provide relaxation to the little ones, leaving them refreshed and thrilled from the physical games and activities that they have played under the sun.

We cannot also deny the fact that the activities at a childcare centre, coupled with outdoor explorations can help us teach our kids important values. When positive behaviors and virtues are established at a young age, they become translated to ideal characteristics and principles which will become significant to them in making values-based decisions as they grow older. Of course, we can teach our kids about sustainability and preserving the environment at home, but taking them to different areas outdoors can help them learn how to respect nature and keep the environment clean, on a deeper level.

Going to places where your children can interact with different kinds of people allows them to attain greater social awareness. They may learn respect and compassion at a preschool, but they also become conscious of what is going on in the St George community if they spend time outdoors. The communication and socialising that takes place can boost your child’s self-esteem to face and converse with anyone confidently. Exposing them to this kind of activity also helps them learn interesting facts and history about the places that they have visited.

Here are the top outdoor activities in Bexley for your kids:

Golfing and Bonding!

Kids and adults can join the Bardwell Valley Golf Club for a fun golfing activity! Playing golf gives our kiddies a chance to get outdoors, enjoy the fresh air, learn a new sport, and improve their fitness. Let your child look forward to a fun golf sessions with the whole family! Bardwell Valley Golf Club offers a junior under 18s club for the little kids to enhance their golf skills and spend a great time outdoors with the family.

Play Soccer with the little ones!

Aside from the health benefits from playing soccer, this sport can prove to be a worthwhile activity for your child. Instill friendship, teamwork and discipline in your little one, which are the attributes that are useful for them to succeed in their academic and professional life. A community soccer club catering to all age groups, the

Peakhurst United FC is a great soccer club near Bexley. Sign up your child and give your child the opportunity to learn how to play soccer!

Go Swimming with your kids!

Places such as Bexley Aquatic offers both indoor and outdoor activities in Bexley that are centred on watersports and other entertainment options. They also run an action-packed holiday program for kids. By letting your child join the swimming lessons, they can learn water safety, as well as improve their physical strength and confidence.

Laidback time in the parks with your children.

Teach your children the importance of family over simple bonding activities that are both inspiring and enriching! The simple activities from a time spent at a nearby park can provide so many learning experiences. Ask your kids to help you arrange the foods for a picnic. Teach them to keep the area clean. Hire a bike and go cycling around the Blaxland Riverside Park to enjoy the striking views of nature, as they enjoy a diverse assortment of activities and facilities of the park!

Fun in the Garden with the kids!

Gardening teaches our little ones to make healthy choices — eating fruits and vegetables instead of junk foods. Planting improves your child’s motor skills and also teaches them the basic concepts of science. The Garden Grubs of The Royal Botanic Garden of Sydney holds a holiday program where kids can learn how to plant, harvest plants and try different gardening activities, as well as arts and crafts. Moreover; they offer vast outdoor play activities, games and meet and greets with their scientists, botanical illustrators, wildilfe and plant experts. This is an ideal place to spend time with your children near Bexley as they learn to appreciate the natural world and learn more about the flora of Australia.


With these fantastic outdoors activities in Bexley, topped with strong guidance and supervision, you can broaden your child’s mind and strengthen the different domains of his or her development as the whole family relives the wonderful bonding memories from these experiences in the years to come!

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