Tips for Choosing a Preschool or Childcare

Parents face the dilemma of making a choice of which preschool or childcare centre to send their children to when they become toddlers. The matter of choosing the school which meets the needs of the child has to be done with great care, as attending a preschool is the first instance where the child has to be separated from their parents or from the caregiver who takes care of them while their parents are at work.

The preschool years are considered as the most critical years in the learning experience of a child. The people who handle the child’s early learning activities will influence the formation of their attitude towards schooling. So there really is a need to make meticulous research and plenty of inquiries when finding the right preschool for your child.

The following points should be considered when choosing an appropriate childcare centre or preschool:

The Location of the childcare or preschool

Most parents favor a nearby kindergarten in Bexley or preschools near their homes as accessibility is deemed to assist in the daily travel to the preschool. Some also opt for a childcare center that is close to their work. A location that is flexible for the family will make it easy for the parents to attend to the child on time when the child is sick and needs to be sent home. A short travel time between school and home will lessen the child’s fatigue and stress from a long trip, making them less tired and less fussy. Knowing how many hours of childcare and the days of the week that you need the childcare services should be considered.

The Reputation of the childcare or preschool

Parents should make sure that the preschool or childcare centre has a good reputation for providing quality care in the area. An award-winning childcare in Bexley, such as Giggles Early Learning Centre, is a perfect choice for parents who want their child to get the best early childhood education in a supportive environment. Discuss important matters with the school admin such as the school’s philosophy, early learning programs, policies, services, staff training, procedures on how they handle issues or injuries, types of meals, costs, etc. It is also useful to let them know if your child has any special health conditions or food allergies so you’d know how they can handle these types of requirements.

The Safety of the childcare or preschool

Parents should visit the preschool or childcare centre and check the safety of the classrooms. The lighting fixtures, ventilation, and the furniture, as well as the cleanliness of the classrooms, toilets, playrooms and the whole school premises, should be thoroughly maintained. Play is an important part of a child’s development so the play areas provided should be safe and well-kept, and the objects for playing and pieces of equipment should be checked to meet safety standards. These things should be free from hazards such as paints chipping, rusty surfaces and pointed objects that may cause accidents.

Premises and Facilities

A preschool with a welcoming and relaxing atmosphere is ideal and a huge playspace is suitable for the child’s exploration. Colorful decorations, vibrant murals, attractive toys and plenty of available materials can surely stimulate a child’s learning. Giggles Early Learning Center is a great preschool in Bexley that has the right childcare facilities to facilitate early childhood learning in a welcoming environment.

The owner, teachers, and staff

The preschool owner, manager or the director should have the expertise to provide early childhood instructions and the right qualifications to run a childcare centre, they should be a childcare administrator backed with years of experience. The capacity to provide instructional leadership and motivation to the faculty and school staff is also essential. The preschool or childcare centre owner’s ability to establish a good relationship with the parents is helpful to the overall progress of the child.

For preschoolers and those who attend early learning in Bexley, the most important person in the school for a child is always their teacher. A good teacher is gentle, kindhearted, and is always willing to help a child who needs reassurance that everything will be fine for them in a new learning environment. Once the teacher has gained the trust and confidence of a preschooler, every learning activity will be met with enthusiasm and the readiness to learn will become evident. A patient, compassionate and reliable teacher can be identified by the childcare owner and by the parents who are grateful when they came across one. So, it is a must that parents inquire on the experience, credentials and overall capacity of the teacher who will handle their child. Sitting in, if allowed, or by observing how the teacher interacts with the little ones can also help. You can have a read of our testimonials to see what our parents have to say about Giggles ELC.

Expensive fees, uniforms, and high preschool costs do not mean that the school have the best teachers. Getting involved with the child’s progress, asking for feedback from teachers, observing how they handle an issue that was raised, and listening to the children’s feedback will also give the parents some idea of the teacher’s character.

The said points are just some of the helpful tips for choosing a preschool for your little ones. An open communication between the school and the parents is vital. A childcare centre that fosters a positive learning environment, provides fun learning activities  with loving teachers and supportive owners who work in partnership with the parents can create a huge impact to the overall development of your child. If a childcare centre aims to put your child’s wellbeing at top priority, then there’s re-assurance that your child will always look at learning as an enjoyable activity!

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