Top Child-Friendly Cafés in Bexley

The best time for family members to be together is during mealtimes where everyone is pleasantly looking forward to a wonderful moment and early learning experiences with the whole family. The thought of the delicious food and yummy desserts excites everybody. So, if the parents and kids spend time at their favorite family-friendly cafe, what makes the family look forward to this activity, aside from the opportunity to try the appetizing dishes?

A family-friendly cafe usually serves meals and snacks which are more affordably-priced compared to bigger restaurants. Cafes often serve coffee, teas, milkshakes and other refreshments and families prefer to have meals in a cozy atmosphere.  A cafe that makes use of interesting decors usually give the kids that at-home feeling, which makes them at ease and will help them find eating out a more enjoyable experience. A small coffee shop that offers home-cooked food with a nice twist never fails to catch the attention  kids who are picky eaters. It is also less-intimidating for the kids, compared to the bigger diners and restaurants.

Ruby Nicks Miranda

Ruby Niks Kids Miranda is one of the top favourite child-friendly cafes in the area. It’s a great place for kids to enjoy a tasty menu and for parents who want to unwind and sample on appetizing dishes, while their kids play at the indoor playspace.

Innovative family cafes that have menus with a twist keep the young ones and parents looking forward to different food delights with diverse flavours each time. Savory desserts such as cute and colourful cakes with white or dark chocolates, delightful babycinos, or a luxurious milkshake peppered with pink and blue mallows and candy sprinkles, among others, make the kids sweet tooth crave for more. Parents can easily have some simple dishes made more tasty with the use of some fine herbs and spices. A taste of a particular dish can give plenty of ideas on how it is prepared so that the same can be served at home when a trip to the cafe is not possible, which is another fantastic indoor activity for the whole family. Kids who love to experience eating a variety of foods find a cafe a fascinating place where they could learn how to order meals and maintain table manners, in a straightforward way.

Mamas Cafe Patisserie

Mamas Cafe Patisserie is a family-friendly cafe that offers delicious food and mouthwatering milkshakes in a classy and homey atmosphere, which the whole family will surely enjoy! So after picking up your darling baby from a preschool in Bexley, take him or her to Mama’s Café and enjoy a delightful afternoon!

Some garden cafes which may be near to your child’s school or close to a kindergarten in Bexley provide enough rooms and spaces for children to play while waiting for their food, while being surrounded with lush trees, stunning sceneries and being close to nature. Parents can have a relaxing time to finish their cups of coffee while having a chat with their friends or reading a book, as they see their kids get occupied with fun and educational activities. Some cafes with unique decorations, compelling murals, and fun displays may also get the creative juices of the kids flowing! There are also the accommodating staff members who are attentive to the behaviour of the kids that can address the requests and concerns of the parents. Kids and even parents love this kind of service that most family-friendly cafes give. It is absolutely a special time where the adult can enjoy great food and a cuppa, while children enjoy the chance to play and socialize with other kids, after having a satisfying meal, dessert or a yummy shake!

Sorelle On Grand

Sorelle on Grand is a child-friendly cafe that provides a wide array of dishes for the whole family in a truly relaxing atmosphere, both indoors and outdoors. It is close to the beach and parks. Your child will also have fun tasting Sorelle on Grand’s cute babycino!

Swallow Coffee Traders

Dining at a cafe is also a chance for parents to remind the kids of how to conduct themselves properly when eating out. Although the cafe is a more relaxed atmosphere compared a restaurant, it still requires the appropriate table manners from kids so shouting and rough playing should be discouraged and the little ones should be gently reminded of the right etiquette at a dining place. So a trip to the cafe not only satisfies the tummies but also fills the little boys and girls some insights on observing good manners and right conduct wherever they are. Swallow Coffee Traders is a charming cafe in Rockdale, NSW that offers scrumptious dishes, topnotch espressos, and a delicious babycino which your kids cannot say no to! The creative wall designs will also keep your kids fascinated.

Kiss the Barista Cafe

Visiting a family cafe for a hearty meal does not only enhance the mutual trust and loyalty among the family members but it also gives them the opportunity to enjoy the food far from the noisy crowd, compared to eating in a mall where the hustle and bustle of people coming and going makes the quiet and serenity an impossible thing to be achieved. Most family-friendly cafes in Bexley have an intimate and cozy atmosphere, which can be essential for families who want to feel refreshed and de-stressed from a busy week.

Kiss the Barista has a relaxed vibe; a truly perfect cafe for families with children. This kid-friendly cafe has tasty offerings on their kids menu, a lovely wall design, a laid-back atmosphere and also provides a great view of the beach.

Bringing the children to a child-friendly cafe establishes in them the value of family bonding developed in such a simple way with no frills – just being there for each other, enjoying their preferred food and treats on the menu, huddling on a joke, chuckling, whispering on some words of thankfulness, happily sharing thoughts and ideas, rewarding for a job well done, gentle reminders, and showing love and affection through hugs and kisses. These are the things a family would love to look forward to in a time well-spent at a family-friendly café… moments that shape your little one’s happiness and positivity in life.

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