We provide all food for the children which is prepared by a qualified chef. Our food and menus are maintained in accordance with nutritional guidelines and family input. We provide and cater for dietary requirements and the needs of your child.

We kindly ask families to provide a small tub of yogurt and a piece of fruit, which is shared as a fruit platter with the children for morning or afternoon tea.

All other meals are lovingly prepared daily by our onsite qualified chef, Georgina – affectionately known as Gogo. Georgina is a treasured member of our team who has been preparing freshly made meals for over 10 years. Georgina is of Greek background and brings with her, decades of knowledge and skill in fresh food preparation. Her meals are nutritious and mouth-watering, filling up and warming the bellies of our children – often with them asking for seconds, sometimes even thirds! Fresh, home style, nutrient dense cooked food is at the core Georgina’s philosophy, that a child will always feel safe and loved with a full tummy of good food.

As you can imagine, Georgina has over the years developed the well-deserving reputation for being one of the best cooks in the area. We pride ourselves on the delicious healthy meals we provide for children at our centres and just love seeing them all at meal times, conversing at the table enjoying their food – just like one big family!

Our food menus are always maintained in accordance with nutritional guidelines and we cater for various dietary and cultural requirements.

“You don’t have to cook fancy or complicated masterpieces. Just good food from fresh ingredients.”

Julia Child