We believe it takes a village to raise a child and we at Giggles are your village!

We acknowledge the original owners of our land, the Gadigal people, along with all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in the community and their languages. We believe as part of this community, we have a responsibility to maintain a sense of belonging and promote secure attachments with our children and greater community. We strive to foster a connection to the land, recognise and value our shared Aboriginal history, culture and to actively embrace and share the message of reconciliation.

At our village, known as Giggles Early Learning Centre, we represent our philosophy in the beliefs our children are all unique and individual, we encourage connection to one another and their world in to our daily practices – supporting the Early Years Learning Frameworks (National Curriculum) and the National Quality Standards (ACECQA). The holding of hands represents our vision of providing secure attachments for all our children and promoting a sense of belonging for all engaged in our village.

Core Purpose

Our vision is to create a sense of belonging in our village we call “Giggles Early Learning” – for all our educators, families, children and the community to establish secure attachments that supports families with young children throughout their formative early years of development.

Core values

A sense of belonging to a village that promotes secure attachments for all engaged in our community

Relationships built on trust and respect through consistency of educators

Growing and learning together professionally and personally

Vibrant and energetic educators that inspire happiness and giggles

We acknowledge that families are entrusting us with their most precious gifts, their children. We will support all children to grow and learn in a safe, secure and happy environment. We believe children thrive when they feel secure and a sense of belonging. Our service supports the diverse parent roles and aims to work alongside all our families to develop respectful relationships that are built on trust and understanding, holding children’s wellbeing at the core of everything we do.

We encourage families to be active participants in our village and welcome their cultural heritage, their values, beliefs and language to be reflected in our environment. Diversity is cherished, reflected and our differences are celebrated.

We believe that children are born with a drive to play, explore and learn and we aim to foster this innate quality. Play is the focus of our curriculum, through play children develop and extend upon life skills that supports them to deal effectively with the demands and challenges of all stages of life. Play in our village is engaging, sparks curiosity, is hands on, challenging, stimulating, open ended, calming and immersive.

“Play is the highest form of research”
Albert Einstein

We see our children as capable, competent, resourceful and active participants of the environment who teach us new ways of being daily.

As educators, we have an ongoing commitment to continue on a path of professional growth through critical reflection and professional development. We believe in establishing a team of pedagogies who support one another and advocate for the children’s rights and wellbeing.

Our lives are intrinsically entwined with the natural world. We embrace our role as pedagogies to educate the children on the importance of respecting our natural environment and how to actively look after their environment and greater world. We value these resources as an opportunity for creativity and possibility. We believe in empowering children in the early years to believe they can make a difference.

By fostering our children’s capacity to understand and respect the natural environment, and the interdependence between people, plants, animals and the land we believe we support the children to become socially and environmentally responsible. We ensure our children are connected to the outdoors every day – to feel the wind and the sun on their face, the fresh air filling their lungs and the natural rhythm of the seasons. We promote outdoor play throughout the year in all seasons and believe in appropriately dressing all our children for all weather so they may experience all the elements of mother nature.

We believe that the early years of a child’s life are when a child’s belief system is formed and children reveal their unlimited potential through a holistic approach to education. Giggles ELC educates the mind, body and spirit through hands-on exploration, creative experiences & connecting to the natural world. We put a huge focus on open-ended, mindful learning & hope to inspire this kind of education as a lifestyle.

We believe in active participation with our wider community by exposing the children to as many aspects of life. We acknowledge the opportunity to bring meaningful, lifelong relationships among our children, families and the community. As part of this community, we have a responsibility to our children and families to establish and maintain a sense of belonging and connection to our shared land and to actively embrace the indigenous culture of the Gadigal people.

We truly respect the role we play in the children’s formative years. We strive to embed a “Love of learning developing a readiness for the transition to school, and more importantly, a readiness for life through established, secure attachments, are integral roles of our centre.

Our focus is on our children, our families, our educators and all the connections we have made in our village since 2007.